INDEX NO :- J11.16.066
U-DISE NO :- 27252001412

Students Code of Conduct


  • 1) Students are hereby informed that they should come to college 10 minutes before the commencement of their classes.
  • 2) Students should take their lunch / meals in college premises and not leave the campus before the schedule.
  • 3) Students should not go out of the classes frequently, citing the excuse of wash room & drinking water.
  • 4) Students should not linger in corridor after finishing their classes and disturb other classes.
  • 5) It has been noted that students are coming to college without textbooks and notebook. Students should come with required study material.
  • 6) In no way damage to property would be tolerated in case any student is found guilty he would be subjected to punishment (financially as well academically).
  • 7) No students should leave the class in between to meet their parents or guardians only In between allotted time.
  • 8) In case of any academic query, it should be settled in office with Principal’s permission.
  • 9) No crowing outside the gate and creating nuisance is allowed. After finishing of the classes, students should move to their respective buses or go to home quietly.
  • 10) No friend or relatives allowed without prior permission in college premise. In case of some official work, they should contact office first.
  • 11) Student should come in perfect uniform, well trimmed hair, and shoes. ‘I’ card is compulsory.
  • 12) Students should not remain absent unless some emergency. If they want to take a leave, they should informed to class teacher by giving written application. In case of medical leave, student should come with medical certificate.
  • 13) 80% attendance is compulsory considering all lectures. Student failing to fulfill this condition should not be allowed to appear for H.S.C. Exams, as per rule of H.S.C. board.
  • 14) Students should not come to the college with Mobile, if found severe action will be taken against the students.
  • 15) Healthy Academic atmosphere should be maintained for upbringing of overall development of students.