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About English

Importance Of English

- Benjamin Franklin

There is always an argument about whether we should prescribe 'English' subjects for junior colleges or not. Until this year, English language is apart of the syllabus for junior colleges in Maharashtra state. And it ' s need is clearly justified. Large share of the students of Junior college are still lagging in expressing themselves in english language, they usually fumble. When they have to present their knowledge or skills. As it is being taught in junior colleges, it is helping the students to sharpen their skills.

In this age of tough competition, one should not lag behind inputting his 100% efforts. Now a days, when you think of a good career studying subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, etc. is not enough, but you need an extra arrow in your quiver. that makes you something special than others, a better choice in this full throttle competition, moreover you need to be able to present your self effectively, and that great requirement can be achieved by honing your language abilities, hense there is no escape from English language at this stage. So, to learn English language with better comprehension and practice is necessary.

The textbooks prescribed to std. XI and XII provide ample scope to enhance the language skills. The prescribed textbooks of English are very aptly designed for the students of science branch. ThenewsyllabusofEnglishnotonlyhelpsstudentstoacquirelanguageskillsbutitintroducestheEnglishliteraturealso.Now a days, when the students are surrounded by lot more confusion, lot more information, they have to make accurate decision and they don't have much experience in their pocket at this stage only wisdom from the literature can provide them lot of life experiences along with entertainment and relaxation too.

Going through the textbooks of Std. XI and XII, some distinct features can be drawn. This features would lead the students to become 'local to global' in an actual sense. The textbooks doesn't aim at providing readymade fish to eat but it teaches fishing itself.

Keeping in mind different learning abilities of the students, textbooks provides different activities such as listening activities, project making, pairwork.

The prose and poems give ample scope for listening. the textbook also provides topic for healthy discussions in the class. Along with the prose and poems, this year with the introduction of the genre of 'Novels' the students would be taken into the fantastic world of literature. A student get encouraged to read the text individually.

In the world of internet and technology, a student should acquire the skills of email writing, blog writing, movie review writing. The syllabus has covered all such topics including summary writing, note making-notetaking, personal statement, mind mapping, drafting a virtual message, and group discussion (dialogue writing).

Talking about prose and poem section, to inculcate values and life skills, writings of renowned writers from all over the world have been introduced. This could be a gate way to the world of literature.

The syllabus leaves the impression on mind that despite various religions, communities, race and ethnicity, languages, we all are firstly human beings. The English language and the literature will keep us connected to the corners of the world. So, the journey of learning English language doesn't get stopped here. Let's hold the hands together and say "BonVoyage".