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Time to Improve 12th Board Preparation

With less than seven weeks are left for the Class XII Board exams, so it’s time for you to get your act together so that your scores reflect the effort which you are putting in. You should not only prepare well but also perfect the art of presenting the information you have in the best possible manner.

The only way to perform well in the exams is to study through the year and not at the time of exams, but it is also important that you write your answers in the right frame of mind. Stress control, good health, and time management are as important as cracking a physics numerical or deriving a mathematical equation. As the student of

 As the student of science colleges in Pune, 12th standard, at this time of the year, you must be taking your pre- Board exams. Never take them lightly. Approach them with the kind of seriousness you’d invest in your finals. The same advice holds good for sample papers as well. When you answer a sample paper, it is very important that you finish it within three hours, and don’t switch to the music or take breaks.

SBPCSC is the Best science & commerce college in Pune
S.B. Patil Junior College, Pune

As students go on their exam preparatory leave, it is important for them that they utilize the time properly and revise their syllabus thoroughly. They must also keep in touch with their guides to discuss problems they come across during the revision procession. Written practice is the key and matters allot in both comprehending a concept and memorizing a formula. Reading the right textbooks is also equally important in an age when school students are bombarded with all the kinds of reference books from different publishing houses. The general consensus is that original textbooks, though much thinner than reference books, remain the best for the information-bombarded students.

Once all the reading and writing were done, you have to make sure that the state of your health allows you to sit through an exam for three hours. Take small breaks while studying to relax, eat healthily and stay stress-free so that you can perform well in the exams that are going to determine the future course of your career.

 A board exam is as much a physical activity as it is a mental exercise. The emotional and mental strain of long nights of hard work can take a toll on the body. While preparing for exams, students tend to pay less attention to their health and body clock, but the student must understand that to do well in the final examination, you must be physically fit.

Do remember that the grades you get in examinations of junior college in Pune do matter and they determine to a large extent your career graph. Put your best foot forward and don’t panic. Take the exams with full confidence and with a positive attitude. There’s no reason for you to flounder.

Guide to Strengthening Career Well-Being

Career is a very important aspect of anyone’s life. Choosing a career in a certain stream defines the future of a student. However, it is difficult for a student to choose a career path at the early age. A lot of students seem to be confused about choosing their stream after 10th.  There is always a doubt or a slight hesitation on what to study after Class 10. This happens to be a major deciding factor. Normally, students are unaware of the fact that 10th is the initial and crucial stage of building a career. They take the decision with puzzled and ambiguous mind and end up with selecting a wrong stream thereby opening the door to worst consequences in the long-term career prospects. In this unbalanced situation, students need some mental support from Parents, Friends and relatives. In India, the board examination is said to be turning point for a student. It is the juncture of taking a right decision on what to choose from the available options.

science college in pune Student should choose their career path according to their key skills and for which they feel they are passionate about. If one is willing to enroll admission in Science College then one should find out which is the best science college, which college is committed to provide quality education to its Students. If students are interested in engineering then they should find out the colleges which provide IIT Coaching classes. There are various factors to consider when choosing a best college and the list below will be a great guide to evaluate the college options.

  • Accreditation

If one want to earn a degree that will help him to create value in today’s job market, it is important to make sure that the college or university is accredited. Accreditation is a rigorous process that higher education institutions must go through in order to certify that their curriculum is up to par with regional and national standards.

  • Academics

Another factor one should consider is the reputation of its academic department(s). Ask around; speak with alumni and potential employers in the industries where they want to work after graduation. Make sure to find out about the program’s curriculum as well as the experience of the faculty.

  •  College Faculty

When one think about a college professor don’t think of them as just another teacher – they are much more. In addition to being a teacher, they should counsel about one’s career goals, offer advice and learning based off their professional experience, help to develop student’s strengths and identify opportunities. So while choosing a college, take a good hard look at the quality and experience of the professors it employs.

  •  Location

One of the most important factors to consider is location. College should have everything that student wants. Also, one should take some time to consider how the college’s location will affect education. Colleges in big cities and “party towns” tend to have a lot of distractions that may affect on academic performance.

  •  Cost

The primary goal of most people going to college is to earn good money in the future.  One should be aware of all the costs associate with the college, not just the cost of tuition.

  • Campus Life

When it comes to selecting a college, campus life is an important factor for many people. A quality education should be on top of the checklist while considering a college. But one can’t study all the time. Having a social life, participating in extracurricular activities, making new friends, and having fun are all part of the college experience.

A college life should be contended as well as a remarkable one. It is a stepping stone that promises a great career.


Commerce education is that zone of education which flourishes the required skills, attitude and knowledge for the handling of Trade, Industry and Commerce. Commerce and Business are performing arts requiring development of professional operative skills. However, every skill and art requires scientific awareness as primitive foundation in ideology. Procurement of theoretical ideology sharpens human faculties of intellect and mind.

Thus, a structure of business and commerce education should adorn the student with the knowledge of theory which he should apply in practicing and performing art, getting experience and also knowledge. We give importance on training in practiced business-science is a part of social responsibility of business. Business and Commerce education should be level headed to the practical ambiguous micro and macro situation. This acclimation would enable a commerce graduate to meet several stimulation situations in managerial decision-making. Business graduates and commerce graduates must assimilate the fundamentals of logic, simple mathematics, language and business communication skills which constitute the power to foresee logically and present the problem in a lucid language. It is necessary to affirm an interspersed approach which speculates that management of commerce and business should not be constantly divided. Commerce education should be on total individually against the Government policies creating unpredictability and complications created by regulatory. Education in commerce should create a singularity which is not only tractable but of a high moralistic character. While keeping in line with the technology and computerization, Indian values and basic social, Indian culture and typical problematic situations which are Indian should never be lost appearance of, while imparting commerce and business education in India. The growing peculiarity of globalization, liberalization and privatization has been excessively persuading the Commerce Education.

Commerce Education

There are many colleges which provide the best quality education. Many of the best science colleges and commerce colleges contribute in the best education. Hence, the Higher Education sector in India is very vast.

Although there have also been challenges to higher education in the past, these most newborn calls for standardization may aggravate a significant change in higher education. This innovation may not arise as a direct acknowledgement to calls for superlative accountability and transparency, but rather because of the redundancy to emulate on the purpose of higher education, the appearance of colleges and universities in the new millennium, and arising scientific research on how people learn. These dissimilar literature’s have not been cinched together in a way that would investigate the concussion of fundamental change from the policy level to the institutional level and to the everyday lives of college and university superintendent, faculty and students. And now the era has come to organize a second wave of foundation building and of supremacy in the fields of research, education and efficiency building.

And now the era has come to organize a second wave of foundation building and of supremacy in the fields of research, education and efficiency building. When India can contribute dexterous people to the outside world then we can transfer our country from a progressing nation to a progressed nation very easily.

India’s higher education organization is the world’s 3rd largest in terms of students, adjacent to China and the United States. However, India has the betterment of English being the basic language of higher education and research. India educates around 11 per cent of its juvenile in higher education as co relate to 20 per cent in China. There are 327 Universities in India. Out of them 109 are deemed universities, 20 are central universities, and 11 are Open Universities and all the rest are state universities. Distance learning is also a feature of the Indian higher education system.

Hence, the Higher Education sector in India is very vast.