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Which stream to pursue after 10th?

The commerce stream after Class 10 is quite a favorite choice in India, as most students know that the stream gives them a wide arena of career opportunities to pursue after class 12 that would produce both successes as well as economic security. If you are looking to take admission after 10 in Pune then S.B. Patil college Of Science And Commerce will be a great choice for you. Most of the students do not recognize that just like the science stream, a student requires having a certain talent for commerce also to be successful in it.

S.B.Patil College of Science and Commerce is one of the top junior colleges in Pune

Some students may pick the Commerce for this purpose. However, they fail to understand that if they have a mind that is more adapted to a career in a different stream, it would be hard to sustain and perform excellently in Commerce.

The meaning of Commerce:

Commerce stream can be defined as studying the art of trade and business activities such as the trade of goods and services from producer to the consumer.

Following concepts can be taken up in commerce:


Economics is a social science which includes the study of the production, circulation, and consumption of goods and assistance.

Economics has two widespread branches – microeconomics, where the unit of study is the individual agent, such as a firm, and macroeconomics, where the unit of study is an economy as a body.

Studying economics allows us to learn more about how the world operates as it helps in growing knowledge about the impression that how decisions are taken in firms and industries, the impact of international business, both good and bad, the impact government policies have on the economy and on the jobs.

Economic reasoning and methods have been frequently applied in the recent era to not only the study of economies but also common situations where there is no monetary concern.


The Business Studies is a prime subject for commerce students. Business Studies is a subject that teaches the working and organization of modern business. The subject covers features of a business firm, such as how a firm will act in different business situations.

The principal areas of study in the subject cover business organizations, their various features, formation, functioning, marketing, human resource management, operations control, etc.

It allows a student to learn and analyze the behavior and working of different firms.

The subject involves more than just learning the art of doing business. The subject draws students off with the corporate culture and makes them ready for their professional life.

Business activities affect the daily lives of everyone in a community. It also affects creation of employment, opportunities for enterprises. Studying business allows a student to know how business activities affect the society directly and indirectly.


Accountancy is an indispensable part of Commerce Stream. It is a branch of mathematical science that is related to the financial information about a business to users such as stockholders and managers.

The financial report that is studied usually is in the form of financial statements that present in the terms of money the economic sources under the control of the authority.

Accountancy allows a student to learn and discover the different causes of victories and failures of different businesses.

The policies of accountancy are implemented in business enterprises in three parts of accounting, auditing and bookkeeping.

Accountancy will teach the student art of recording, classifying and reviewing in a significant manner and in terms monetary transactions and events which are monetary in character to any area and the analysis of the results of these businesses.


Students who wish to pursue the commerce stream should keep in mind that this subject is not an easy option as compared to science. Both science and commerce are complicated study areas in their own ways. Hence, if a student wishes to go with the Commerce stream only because they believe that science is not a proper stream for them, they must rethink to make the choice. Commerce should be followed by students who have a keen interest in it.

“Commerce changes the fate and genius of nations.”

– Thomas Gray