Dreams To Be Accomplished…

The summer Olympics 2016 which was held in Rio de Janeiro, from the 5th to 21st August failed to earn much eminence for India once again? Underwhelming performances in Rio Olympics let down the chances to win medal for the country. Since 1992 India has failed to perform up to the mark. The country’s inadequate performance comes as a surprise to the many loyal sport supporters.

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India still tried its best to win a couple of medals during the Rio Olympics. In women’s wrestling, Sakshi Malik earned the first medal for India at the Rio games.  In women’s badminton, Pusarla Sindhu again made the country proud by winning a silver medal. From the era of modern Olympics  i.e. from 1896, as an Indian, it’s agonizing, to hear that, India has won only 28 medals since then, which is what US swimmer Michael Phelps has won by himself.

The number of medals won represents the success and abilities of that particular country. The number of medals achieved brings the country’s name into limelight during the international sports meets. To been in top of the list, the country on its behalf should encourage and support all those who excel in their respective sport categories. But the curriculum followed by the education system in India is quite different from the other countries of the world. Indian Education system focuses on theory. More importance is given to the core subjects namely mathematics and science. Sports and extracurricular activities are taken for granted. These activities hold less importance in the country. Whereas countries like USA and Canada divide their syllabus into content practical as well as sports and other curricular activities like music, dance, drama, so on. This practice puts them on the top. The situation in India needs to be reconsidered. None can expect miracles at the touch of a button. India needs to invest in the long term.  There must be a considerable improvement in Athletic infrastructure; there must be a development seen on athletic habits and the managerial culture. Sports enhances mental cerebral which enables students to focus on studies better. It trains an individual for strategies, focus and team play determination skills that are consistent for real life. There should be sports included in curriculum just like science, language or math’s. As a result, many of the kids and aspiring athletes will try to build them up as their career. Many of them would also engage themselves in sports activities by practicing more intensely and dedicatedly instead of wasting their time in doing nothing.

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Sports as a Career

It’s important to encourage students to enter in sports and take it up as a career. Adequate emphasis must also be given to sports just like cricket. Youngsters must also be educated about the opportunities that sports has in store for them. They need to know; they can make a fabulous career in sports and also promote sports as a viable career option.

To encourage youth about sports, top educational institutes must provide separate infrastructure and facilities.  To summarize, promoting sports as a career would motivate one n all to lead a better life and help them to reach another level.

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