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Education-at a glance

In India,we often tend tofocusdisproportionately on academic success alone, which is a subset of the far larger universe of Education is not about academic success alone,it is journey of self discovery,as well as discovery of the world that we inhibit.A good education is the most basic form of empowerment in life.It makes a person self –reliant, sensitive towards the laws and the constitution.

Education helps a person to understand himself /herself better, it help to realise potential and qualities as a human being. Education, in fact,transformsan individual into a cultured human being .Students learn not only from the academic curriculum but also learn social rules and expectations from interactions with other.

Children develop in all respects as they grow physically and mentally . Education differentiate human being from the other species by education. Education is a foundation for the development and progress of any society. It is a base upon which the whole edifice of human development stands.

After getting a degrade education, people become professionals and steer the destiny of the nation and the world .It is these individuals who go ahead and become educators, enterpreneurs, scientist, innovators, NGO leaders ,military personnel, Journalist etc.without this pool of intellect, the economic and social frame work would crumble and fall, paving the way for anarchy,degradation and violence.

According to the vivekanandji, education was not only the collection of information but something more meaningfuland assimilation of noble ideas .

An educated person always works for the benefit of humanity.Nelson Mandela said,“Educationis the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” An educated person is an asset for any country or society.

मोह क्षणाचा

एका शाळेतील एक शिक्षक सेवानिवृत्त झाले.तेंव्हा शासनाने तालुक्यातीलच एका नविन शिक्षकाची नेमणूक केली.ते शिक्षक त्या शाळेत रुजू होण्यासाठी एस.टी.बसने निघाले,कंडक्टरला पैसे दिले.आणि तो जागेवर बसला.कंडक्टरने तिकिटाचे पैसे घेतले व उरलेली रक्कम शिक्षकाला परत केली.तेंव्हा त्याच्या असे लक्षात आले की,त्यात 10 रु जास्त आले आहेत.

दुर्बद्धी ते मना।कदा नुपजे नारायणा।।{तु}

शिक्षकांने असा विचार केला की आता कंडक्टर घाईत आहे.आपण थोड्या वेळाने पैसे परत करुया,काही वेळ झाला तरी कंडक्टर अजुनही कामातच होता.शिक्षकाच्या मनात दुसर्यंदा विचार आला की ,कंडक्टर घाईतच आहे.तर त्याला 10 रु परत केले काय अन नाही काय त्याला काय फरक पडेल?10 रु आपणास लाभ झाला असे समजू.आपण याचा काहीतरी सदुपयोग करु.

शिक्षकाच्या मनात असे द्वंद्व चालु असतानाच शाळेचे गाव आले.एस.टी.तून उतरताना अचानक शिक्षकाचा हात खिशाकडे गेला.आणि त्यातून 10 रुपयाची नोट बाहेर आली व कंडक्टरला परत केली.व शिक्षक म्हणाले,अहो!तुम्ही मला घाईगडबडीत 10 रु जास्त दिले होते.

कंडक्टर हसुन म्हणाले,"गुरुजी!तुम्हीच या गावचे नवे शिक्षक आहात काय?"शिक्षक हो म्हणाले.त्यावर कंडक्टर बोलू लागले,गुरुजी,मी मुद्दाम 10रु जास्त दिले होते.मला पहायची खुप इच्छा होती,की ज्या वर्गात राष्ट्र घडते.त्या वर्गाचा शिल्पकार जसा बोलतो,जसा शिकवितो,तसाच आचरण करतो का?म्हणुन मी मुद्दाम 10रु जास्त दिले होते.मला आता कळून चुकले आहे की या गावांने ही कोवळी मुल ज्याच्या ताब्यात दिली आहेत.ती नक्कीच घडल्याशिवाय राहणार नाहीत.'गुरुजी मला क्षमा करा!एवढे बोलून कंडक्टरने बेल वाजवली........

गुरुजींना आता घाम फुटला होता.ते आकाशाकडे पहात म्हणाले,ईश्वरा,10रु मोह मला किती महागात पड्ला असता.देवा तु खरच दयाळू आहेस.नोकरीच्या पहिल्या दिवशी माझी चाचणी घेतलीस आणि मला पात्र ठरवलस!

"स्वार्थ,मोह,वाईट असतो.ज्या क्षणी मोहाने मन ग्रासते.त्याक्षणी मानव अधोगतीकडे फेकला जातो. हे आहे शिक्षकांचे समाजातील स्थान.

By Mr. Pradeep Kasar,
Assit.Teacher in Marathi, SBPCSC

Acharya Devo Bhava

Learning is never –ending process and the best teacher don’t give you the answer ,they spark within you the desire to find the answer yourself.

विनयफल शुश्रूषा गुरुशुश्रूषाफल श्रू तं ज्ञानम |
ज्ञानस्य फलं विरती : विरतीफल चाक्षवनिरोध :||

It means Modesty yields serice , service to the Guru yields knowledge, knowledge yields detachment and detachment yields salvation.

विनय का फल सेवा है, गुरुसेवा का फल ज्ञान है ,
ज्ञान का फल विरक्ती है ,और विरक्ती
का फल बंधनमुक्ती तथा मोक्ष है |

With teacher being an indispensable part of our education system ,this day pays tribute to each of them, as their role has become even more critical with academics switching to online mode.

Teachers day is significant in the next normal ,as we have seen teachers working out really hard to reach out to students through digital formats. We would have their umpteen stories, right from going an extra mile to make education accessible to kids in rural areas a helping kids in economically weak section ,to developing apps and QR codes for deeper penetration of education.

Truly, teachers educators and instructors mould a child’s personality at all stages and ages of life. The responsibility of creating a sensible citizen of tomorrow rests on these gifted souls. A salute to all our dear teachers who have crafted our lives.

No wonder, the 4000 year old Indian culture has immortalised by the saying, ‘Acharya Devo Bhava’.

By, Mr.S.N.Patil
Principal, SBPCSC


Dear Readers,

Every problem can solved and solved right if youpray. Disability ,tension and kindred troubles may result from a lack of inner harmony .It is remarkable how pray restores the harmonious functioning of body and soul.It is rightly said that you can’t meet man physically healthy until you get him spiritually healthy. Prayer is the greatest power available to the individual in solving human personal problems.Prayer power is manifestation of energy.

Prayer can freshen you up every evening and send you out renewed each morning .Prayer has the power to keep your reaction correct and sound.Prayer driven deeply in to your subconscious can remake you.It release and keep power flowing freely .It is important to realize that you are dealing with the most tremendous power in the world when you pray. Personally ,I believe that prayer is a sending out of vibration from one person to another and God. You transport yourself to the other person a sense of love, helpfulness, support ,powerful understanding and in this process you awaken vibrations in the universe through which God brings to pass the good objectives prayed for.

One of the important function of prayer is as a stimulus to creative ideas .Ideas are present in consciousness which ,when released and given scope together with proper implementation, can lead to the successful operation of any project or undertaking.

“The kingdom of God is within you”

By, Mr.S.N.Patil
Principal, SBPCSC


God is the ultimate source ofall energy –energy in the universe and spiritual energy. Really every form of energy drives from the creator.

Increasingly people are realizing that the maintenance of a sound spiritual life is important in enjoyingenergy and personality force. The body designed to produce all needed energy over body from the standpoint of proper diet, exercise ,slip amazinglylong period of time.If the individual taken reasonable care ,no physical abuse ,the body will produce and maintain astonishing energy and sustain itself in good health. If person gives attention to a well balanced emotional life, energy will be conserved .But if individual allows energy leaks caused by hereditary or self imposedemotional reaction of debilitating nature ,person will be lacking in vital force. The natural state of the individual when body ,mind and spirit work harmoniously is that of a continuous replacement of necessary energy.

Every great personality seams in harmony with nature and in contact with the divine energy . They have not necessarily been piouspeople ,but invariably they have been extraordinarily well organized from an emotional and psychological point of view.For them life means vitality to be filled with energy.

Our energies are destroyed because of the high tempo,the abnormal pace at which we go you only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind .Get interested in something .Get absolutly enthralled in something. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. Have a good energy!!

By, Mr.S.N.Patil
Principal, SBPCSC


Positive emotions enhance and enrich the motivational and emotional resources.

Negative emotions solve problems of threat and survival whereas positive emotions solve problems concerning personal growth and development, as it brings about enduring and refreshing personal resources.

Positive emotions further result in the development of optimism, identify and goal orientation, social resources like strengthening of bonds of relations, developing coordination and health.

A spiritual person, filled with positive emotions become more creative and highly successful in the leading process. The beauty of the positive emotion is that surpasses the limitation set by the self.

At the individual level,the focus of positive psychology version, perseverance, forgiveness, empathy, high talent and wisdom. At organizational level, it fosters positive civic virtues, better citizenship behavior like responsibility, tolerance, strong work ethic of dedication, involvement and commitment.

“Grow through the life and not go through the life”

By, Mr.S.N.Patil
Principal, SBPCSC

Spectrum of life during covid-19 outbreak

Dear Readers,

It’s a tough time for me at the outset of lockdown as how to manage free time at home since world has not prepared at all to cope up with this worst situation.

After few days, I realised and said myself this time testing span of life requires to keep your sanity alive despite of all the uncertainty.

I began to obsess this free space with spiritual, social and to improve professional activities. It includes reading of multiple spiritual based books(once I have decided to read these books during retirement days),communication with old friends ,relatives, family members along balancing with jobs, roles and responsibilities(work from home).Of course to listen and crooning good songs and music is a fulcrum of my life every time. I always felt that present situation is freedom in times of uncertainty and unseen fear. But show must go on.

A renowned Saint said “Change is the unchanging law of life”. If we are prepared for the unexpected and the unknown, then we can turn any adversity into an opportunity and any failure into success.

It is not a time of dejection, frustration or unproductive worry. Believe your mind(mental health) .It can support in worsen situation and therefore just ensure that our mind should be in sound state and free from prior impression and core contamination.

It is right time to reset and rethinks to make ourselves strong by right thinking, correct and justified move. The present situation like never before has shown us how interconnected we are.

Stay home, Stay secured and Stay healthy.

By, Mr.S.N.Patil
Principal, SBPCSC